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Former WWE tag team champion may have wrestled his last match / MATTHARDYBRAND / MATTHARDYBRAND

Former ECW/WWE World Tag Team Champion D-Von Dudley may have wrestled his last match. He wrestled at the House of Glory show in front of a packed crowd of 1,500 people in Jamaica, NY on Saturday night. Bubba and D-Von wrestled were part of a four-way tag title match against Matt & Jeff Hardy, EYFBO and Private Party. After the match, Matt said that this could be the last time that The Hardys and The Dudleys are in the ring together. Matt, still in his Broken Matt Hardy character, then said that he would delete Vince McMahon but D-Von was quick to point out that those were Matt's words only.

D-Von is working backstage as an agent for WWE so he is likely done as an in-ring performer, at least for the immediate future. The last few independent shows were shows that he had committed to before signing the deal to work as an agent with WWE. The Hardys deal with TNA is up in a couple of months so there is always the chance for them to meet up with The Dudleys again down the road. Bubba Ray Dudley remains on good terms with WWE but he will continue to wrestle on the independent scene for the time being.

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