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Former WWE Women’s Champion wrestles last match

It was a pretty great night at the House Of Hardcore 36 on Saturday. The show, which is part of their deal with, was headlines by Austin Aries wrestling Joey Mercury which saw the former member of J&J Security losing in a pretty fun match.

But one highlight was the last match of former WWE Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle. She wrestled against Victoria in a pretty good match and they got some decent time to tell a story. Victoria was a heel and feigned injury to gain heat while Candice Michelle was the overwhelming babyface. It was also an especially big night for Candice Michelle because she was wrestling in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In WWE, on someone’s  final match, especially if they’re a hometown babyface you’re likely going to lose in pretty dominating fashion. But that was not the case at the HOH show. Candice Michelle picked up the win and got to address the crowd afterward. They were really into it and cheered her heavily giving her plenty of love.

Candice said, “you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the girl.” This kind of line really goes over in Wisconsin. She had a great chance to wrestle in front of her friends, family, and children.

It was a pretty great way to cap off a career and you can see it all here.

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