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Former WWE writer discusses WWE's policy on managers

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WWE makes a lot of decisions some might find questionable from the verbiage they have to use during promos to how a Superstar might need to sacrifice a move in their arsenal when coming in. Many staples of pro wrestling are now seen as passee and have been lost through the sands of time and one of those happens to be the existence of male managers.

Fightful recently spoke to Jimmy Jacobs where he opened up about the decline of managers in WWE over the past few years, especially male ones. As it turns out this was a backstage directive which translated into phasing out the idea entirely. Of course, there is one notable exception because he's an Advocate.

"Managing got out of the spotlight somewhere in the '90's, the Attitude Era, when the era of the valet took over, in WWE in particular. From that respect, it's a lost art. Nowadays though, look at a guy like Paul Heyman, who's very, very, very good at what he does, who is as important to the Brock Lesnar package as Brock Lesnar is I dare say," Jacobs continued speaking about Paul Heyman. "I just think it's coming back. I think that for so long, it was a WWE policy. WWE really sets the tone for everything else in this business - this kind of trickle-down effect. It was literally a policy, 'Hey, we don't hire male managers.' It's really just something that's just got going again, I think in the last handful of years."

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It's a good thing Brock Lesnar wants Paul Heyman around or The Advocate might not be a factor on WWE's television product because it turns out WWE doesn't see the need in male managers anymore. Even though the idea could be making a resurgence once again thanks to Heyman and his exceptional ability.