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Former WWE writer gives free advice to Vince McMahon on how to improve Raw ratings



A lot has been said about the declining Raw ratings. Vince McMahon will be on Raw tomorrow night to "shake things up." We've heard this before and the result has always been the same. Ratings continued to drop and the product would occasionally show signs of improvement but it would ultimately get stale again.

This time WWE is looking at record-low ratings that they need to increase before SmackDown Live moves to the FOX Network.

The writers get some of the blame from the fans but the reality is that everything that is presented on television gets approved by Vince McMahon. Oftentimes, writers will have the script for the show completed and then McMahon will decide to rewrite the show on his own.

Former WWE writer took to Twitter to give his thoughts on Raw and he offered some free advice on how to turn things around.

He started out by saying, "next time people give you an excuse for raw’s ratings, remember there’s nothing stopping WWE from putting this man on tv."

"btw, there’s A LOT of ways WWE could change the way they produce programming to make a three hour show work. here’s a few."

"1) treat Raw as three one hour shows, rather than one three hour program. figure out ways to make each unique so show doesn’t get stall."

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"2) assign specific writers to specific characters/programs. the most experienced ones are given the main event, next tier is IC, and so forth."

"3) have a showrunner who provides finishing touches/keeps a bird’s eye view but DOES NOT write. like Lorne does on SNL."

"4) rotate characters in and out, keeping the programming fresh/building anticipation.

ex - Monday Night Football doesn’t have the same two teams every week."

"5) announce big segments/matches WEEKS out. SNL reveals guest hosts way in advance."

"6) finally, and most importantly, TRUST the writers. to a person, everyone who I’ve ever met who worked on creative LOVED wrestling. you have to do that job."

"however, the main problem is exactly what I was told when I started there - “at the end of the day, this show has one writer."

For whatever it's worth, McMahon apparently has plans to do something big next month to get the ratings back up. Click here for more on that story.