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Former WWE/TNA star Chris Harris says he's dealing with health issues, talks AMW and more



Former WWE/TNA star was recently interviewed by Main Event Radio. You might remember Harris from his run in TNA with James Storm as part of the America's Most Wanted tag team. He also had a very brief run with WWE as part of the ECW brand in 2008.

These days Harris, 42, is not wrestling much because of health issues. He noted that he has been dealing with internal issues and he's a diabetic.

He said, "My health is fair. I've had some health issues in the past which is why I've kind of been away from wrestling. But I'm alive man. I've had some internal issues without being specific. I'm a diabetic now so that's weighing heavily on my health. Plus the 'normal' wrestling injuries... I've got some messed up disks in my spine. That's why I've been away from the ring. I do it every so often but I've gotta be careful. Actually, I need to have some surgery on my neck but I'm having some trouble with insurance right now so I need to see what happens with that. My passion overwhelms that. If I could get healthy, and the right time right place I'd love to do something again. I love wrestling, I love the business. If there was an opportunity to get back in. I'd love to be an agent, or anything in the back room. Be a part of the business, contribute something to the young guys."

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He also said that he still keeps in contact with James Storm and says that he kind of wishes he had stayed with TNA in 2008 because he can look back now and see the success that guys like Storm, Bobby Roode and Eric Young had.

He also talks about his favorite AMW memories, what went wrong with his WWE run and more. Click here to listen to the interview.

Here's a clip of Harris wrestling at an independent show in April: