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Fox Sports asks fans if they’d like to see Jim Ross in UFC

Fox Sports has an article on WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and his leap into MMA announcing. The story was also posted on the official UFC on FOX Facebook page where they asked fans if they wanted to see Ross call UFC fights.

“I was always a fan,” Ross said of MMA. “The intrigue, the mystique, how could I get in that world? How could I use my skillset? How could I provide the audio backdrop of an MMA event? I was always curious.”


The article notes that Ross was approached by Battleground MMA promoter Bryan O’Rourke and Ross was immediately interested. Ross will be doing play by play on their next show alongside Chael Sonnen in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“I’m not gonna come on and pretend like I’m an MMA expert,” Ross said. “I’m an upper-level fan and I’m going to learn as much as I can about technique and in-ring business. … Chael is my Kevin Durant. I know he can score if I get him the ball. My plan is to get Chael the ball as much as I possibly can that makes sense. He’s very bright, he’s very glib, he knows when to be funny, he knows when to be serious. I think he and I will mesh very well.”


Ross noted that he’d also like to do more boxing for FOX Sports and is hoping for an opportunity with UFC. I am sure Ross will do well on the Battleground MMA show. I hope UFC takes notice. They could use someone as good as Ross on the UFC Fight Pass shows.

You can read the article by clicking here.

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