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Frankie Kazarian reveals why his run in WWE was so short and what led to his departure

Former TNA and current Ring Of Honor star Frankie Kazarian recently spoke with Marc Madison of News Hub to promote tomorrow night’s episode of ROH TV on Destination America. He spoke about his short time in WWE as well as what he thinks about WWE Tough Enough and the upcoming season of the reality show.

How long were you in WWE and what lead to your departure from there:

“My time in the WWE was less than a year and all that had to do with me. I didn’t mature enough as a wrestler or a man to be there. It was the first time that wrestling became a business and not something I loved because I saw the business side of it. Now I realize that what it is and not then. I was like wow, the WWE is a giant machine that is the biggest company in the world and always will be. I just wasn’t ready to be there on a mental level personally or professionally.”

What do you think about the reality show that is Tough Enough:

“Part of it pains me to see guys coming on and cutting their promos and saying I love this business and I would do anything to be in this business – then why haven’t you done that yet? It always kind of bugs me to see that. There are a lot of us that took the road and did the Indies and went to Japan and Mexico and busted our ass just for a chance to get looked at somewhere and all of a sudden a game show comes along where people can submit their tapes. I’m not going to fault anyone for getting a spot the way they get a spot. If you love this business and your willing to work hard then more power to you.”

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