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Photo Credit: Franky Monet

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Franky Monet gives the origin story on John Morrison’s ‘Johnny Drip Drip’

Sportskeeda interviewed WWE NXT star Franky Monet this week. She talked about teaming up with her husband John Morrison, Samoa Joe’s return to WWE NXT, and more.

Franky talking about how John Morrison came up with the Johnny Drip Drip character:

“He’s having the most fun I’ve seen him have in a long time. I will give you the origin story of Johnny Drip Drip. About two years ago, we were all driving in a car, me, John, Tessa, and Kiera, after a taping to eat dinner, this 24 hour diner in New York. We were playing Cardie B in the car. We were all delusional from lack of sleep, and all this kind of stuff, and being super hungry.

John, I don’t know if anybody knows this, but John likes to rap. He started rapping to Cardie B. It was within that car ride that Johnny Drip Drip was born. I don’t even remember who it was that said, ‘Oh my God, Johnny Drip Drip’, and it just became a thing. If you look at the first music video that Miz and him did right after Covid started for that WrestleMania last year, that was the introduction to the WWE Universe to know who Johnny Drip Drip is.  Johnny Drip Drip has been a development for the last few years, and he’s just going to keep going with it, and I’m here for it. That’s the origin story.”

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