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Franky Monet on how she came up with her name, would she want to be paried with husband John Morrison



WWE NXT 2.0 star Franky Monet was recently interviewed on the Fightful podcast. Here are some highlights:

Franky explained how she picked her name in NXT:

“I actually came up with it. We had a bunch of names. It’s like naming your baby. You’re going to be associated with this name for the rest of your life. I knew that I wanted to have something that was first of all, different. There’s nothing about me that’s normal and bland, so I wanted something completely different, and ruffle some feathers a little bit, and it did. I came up with the name Monet obviously after the French artist. When I was a little kid, we would go to Europe all the time because my dad is from Switzerland. We would go to all the museums and stuff like that, so that’s where the idea for that name came from. Franky, I’ve just always really liked gender neutral names. I thought it was different. I also always remembered that there was a character, I think her name was Francesca, she went by Frankie on Stigmata. I always really thought that was a really cool name for a girl. Of course, to be different, I couldn’t do it like everybody else with an ‘I’ and an ‘E’. I went with a ‘Y’.”

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Franky was asked if there were any conversations being paired with her husband, John Morrison, in WWE:

“There’s been mention of it, but I’ve also been an advocate for the fact that I really wanted to stand on my own two feet. I’ve had a career before I met John, I had a career during, and now. I feel a lot of times as a woman, especially when we get associated with someone as your husband, you just become the wife, and you’re not the equal performer. I really wanted to make a point to cement myself as a performer and as a sports entertainer alone, and really be like, ‘This is Franky Monet. She’s a bada**. She can do this in NXT.’ Eventually, maybe one day we'll be together on screen. I would absolutely love that. Our chemistry is undeniable. We’ve proven over and over again that together we are a dream team. One day I know that, and I believe it will happen. I’m just not sure when. For right now, my sights are set on Raquel Gonzalez. My sights are set on becoming champion for me. I want Franky Monet to be champion in 2021.”

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