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Fred Rosser reveals the advice given to him by Vince McMahon, Titus O'Neil's connections with hotels and football facilities



During an interview on, Fred Rosser talked about his friendship with WWE star Titus O'Neil and what it was like to walk into Vince McMahon's office.

On Titus O'Neil: “Titus, I would say, was a businessman. He had hookups with the hotels. He had hookups with all the football facilities that we trained at. I was the guy that did all the driving. I was the guy that was able to put our stories together. The one thing I learned about Titus is that closed mouths don’t get fed."

Rosser talked about what it's like to speak your mind in Vince McMahon's office since it's believed that it's better to speak out respectfully and not stay quiet if you want to achieve success in WWE.

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"The most intimidating thing about Vince McMahon is his office door,' Rosser said. "Once you get through his office door, the sky’s the limit. That’s the most intimidating thing for people, but for Titus, he would just barge in. I would be like, ‘Titus, let’s have a gameplan first’, because he is going to be doing all the yapping and I’m just going to be standing there. I said let’s have a game plan first, but there would be times when we bust in there. Sometimes we would get what we want. You know, closed mouths don’t get fed. That’s what Vince wants. I remember him saying in promo class years ago that nervous people don’t draw money and that’s true. Nervous people don’t draw money. There’s a different kind of nervousness. I get nervous before my matches, but it's a good nervousness.

Rosser revealed the advice he got from McMahon. Rosser said, "Vince said, ‘Don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself.' That’s something that I live by every day now that I’m able to be myself.”

During the interview, Rosser also talked about the nixed plans for the Nexus documentary because of Bryan Danielson's departure. Click here for more on that story. The full interview is up at

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