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Freddie Prinze Jr. on Kevin Owens: "I feel he should be playing in major stories all the time."

On this week's "Wrestling With Freddie," Freddie Prinze Jr. was asked questions by fans regarding his feelings about certain wrestling topics.

Freddie Prinze Jr was asked who he feels is underutilized in WWE:

"First of all, the return of Alexa Bliss was a complete and total tragedy. They literally just said, 'Here's a match.' No story whatsoever. Here's a match, but they just brought her back. Maybe they have something, so I'm not going to dump on that just yet,” he said.

“But Kevin Owens, man, I feel he should be playing in major stories all the time. His level of commitment, his talent, and his ability to execute that talent in the ring and on the mic is next level. So he's like writer proof. He should be a major title player. He should always be competing, or up near the top with, say Cody, Seth, Roman, Bobby, anybody who's at world championship level. He should be involved with one of their character storylines at all times."

On if he will have an on screen presence with the wrestling promotion he is trying to start up”

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"Let me say this. If I have to be in it to get it sold on TV when it's ready to go, then I'll be in it," Freddie shared.

"It would be in a minor way, but I would find a way to make that work. But in no way shape or form will I be inside a ring in between the start and finish bell. No way dude. No way. That's not what I want to do with my brand. That's not really who I am at this age. Maybe in my 20s."

On how he would have booked a DX-NWO invasion angle:

"I know that I wasn't Hunter's favorite person when I worked there. But before the Jeff Hardy thing, he and I were cool, man. We showed each other respect. It was the Jeff thing that kind of turned him off on me and had him keep specific wrestlers away from me. But as far as Triple H the wrestler, like that's DX all day. This would be the quickest booking ever, because I would have had that tank go straight through the wall of that arena, have them go in there, just beat up everybody, and just have it be a full on shoot invasion where we're having to pay for the construction of an arena in Georgia. That's how I would book that. Death to the NWO."

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