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Free version of WWE Network has launched

WWE has quietly launched its free tier version of the WWE Network.

As we have noted several times here on, the plan is to launch different tiered plans in early 2020.

A survey sent out a couple of years ago suggested that a free plan would include a limited amount of content, mostly clips that are already on their social media channels and there would be a monthly cap on the number of hours that can be watched on the free stream.

The free clips up on the WWE Network site are part of a beta launch and the full-blown tier launch is expected in the next couple of months. There are plans to launch a top-tiered plan that would include content from independent promotions that they have a working relationship with such as EVOLVE. That plan would include perks for fans including merchandise and ticket discounts.

Fans that do not wish to pay the extra price ($14.99 was the proposed price in the survey sent out a couple of years ago) can stay at their current $9.99 plan and they will get everything they currently but not the content from the independent promotions.

In 2020, you can expect to see more house shows on the network. The Starrcade event was the latest test run they look to add more shows as part of the higher-tiered plans in a few months. The idea is to move the NXT TakeOver shows to Sunday night beginning in February and the live house shows would air on Saturday night and they would be presented similar to the old “Saturday Night’s Main Event” specials that aired on NBC in the 80s and the mid to late 2000s.

There’s also been talk of adding a cheaper paid plan that would include most of the content available on the $9.99 plan but the cheaper plan would also include commercials.

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