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FTR says the spike piledriver was banned by Vince McMahon, why they are thankful for what WWE gave them

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

FTR appeared on Busted Open Radio this week to talk about their run in WWE, AEW and more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

What frustrated them most in WWE? “Obviously, in the WWE we had a lot to be thankful for. Right now, I’m sitting in my house and I’m looking at my beautiful wife and daughter and I am thankful they gave me the opportunity to allow my family to have the life they did. On the flip side of that, my first love before my wife and daughter was professional wrestling. I am infatuated with professional wrestling. It’s done so much for me as a kid and into adulthood. We both felt like if we stayed in the WWE that we would just be spinning our wheels. There is so much more I want to give back to professional wrestling. I don’t want to just sit back and relax. I don’t want to rest on any laurels or anything like that. We want to leave a mark and we want to leave a legacy in professional wrestling, and obviously, on top of that, we want to make money too. With AEW and Tony Khan, they provided us the opportunity to do both and we think for the legacy we want to leave for wrestling. We want to do wrestling proud and I think this is the best opportunity to do wrestling proud.”

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Do you plan on using the shatter machine as a finish or are you using this because Arn and Tully are in AEW and there is something more to it?: “The shatter machine, we have to, well we don’t have to, but we enjoy calling it the goodnight express, is a move we took from another great tag team you may have heard from. We incorporated that and put our own little spin on it. But, going to AEW with the spike piledriver, that’s something we always wanted to use in WWE. We even talked to Hunter about it and he said no. We asked other people. We asked Vince about it and they obviously didn’t want to use the spike piledriver at all. We came to AEW and we started incorporating the spike piledriver just almost as a restart for us. It is something we want to incorporate into our matches. But, for the shatter machine, no one has ever kicked out of it. We learned that from another great tag team that had the same kind of finisher with the same kind of premise. No one ever kicked out of it. We just want to take the spike piledriver and utilize it to its fullest extent.”

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