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Fun with Pay Per View

As wrestling fans (especially ones that frequent websites such as this) there is little we love more than to fantasy book. It seems no matter how good or bad a show is we all think we can think of something better. If you’ve been watching WWE programming recently you are probably right but I digress.

One of the biggest perceived problems with WWE is that they have an obvious “down time” A time where they know ratings will be down so they go into autopilot. Between the months of September to just after the December ppv with the exception of Survivor Series (Sometimes) nothing that happens on TV really matters. What if a simple shift in the ppv philosophy is the answer to long-term booking? It could even be as simple as changing the names of some of the shows.

Lets have a look at PPV schedule that would allow for long-term booking shall we?

January- The Royal Rumble

Obviously this needs no explanation, 30 men compete for the right to face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. Easy enough.

February- Super Brawl

The first of two WCW ppv concepts I propose bringing back. The Super Bowl is the biggest thing that happens for most sports (and sports entertainment) fans in the month of February. So why not bring that into the forefront? Nothing is more important than winning the super bowl right? Well nothing should be more important than winning and keeping momentum until Wrestlemania and Super Brawl is WWE’s Super Bowl because Wrestlemania is bigger than the Super Bowl.


Again no need for explanation here. WWE’s biggest show of the year. Every big story comes to a climax while the next set of stories for the year begin.

May-Backlash/Extreme Rules (or both if Mania is held in March)

If I had it my way Wrestlemania would always be held in April, let the whole month of March be used for the build for the grand daddy of em all, so for this argument lets say that is the case. Backlash can be used to finish off any residual story from Mania wile at the same time not resting on the laurels of Wrestlemania and showcase new stories coming off the grandest stage of them all.

June-The King of the Ring

Its no secret that the hottest company in the world right now is New Japan Pro Wrestling. One of the main reasons for that is everything matters. The G1 climax tournament sets up for their biggest show of the year and gives the opportunity for many members of the roster to have great matches with a purpose. The same can be done with the King of the Ring. 16 superstars the winner gets a title shot at Summer Slam. Built in storyline leading into the ppv with the semi finals and finals on the actual card.

July-Money in the Bank

A great concept that can be enhanced by the return of the King of the Ring. The winner of the Money in the Bank brief case could be an interesting wrangle into whatever storyline is being played up going into Summer Slam.

August-Summer Slam

The biggest party of the summer. The calumniation of the spring’s stories the 2nd biggest ppv of the year, again not much explanation needed.


OK OK I admit it. I don’t have a great idea for September or October. I can see how the WWE creative can be a little tapped at this point in the year. That is why I propose bringing back the In Your House ppv concepts. Remember when anything could happen in the WWE?

October-In your House

These PPVs would also lead into the Survivor Series.

November-Survivor Series

The reason this show could use two months of build is the fact they the main event is a 5 on 5 tag match. Sometimes more than one. So It’s easy to see how the two In Your House ppvs would lead into the November staple. The outcome of said tag match could also lead into the opportunity to headline the next month’s ppv, which is…


The second WCW ppv I would bring back. This was the Wrestlemania of NWA And WCW; hell it was Wrestlemania before there was a Wrestlemania. So it stands to reason something Important should happen at it. I purpose the WWE World Heavyweight Champion be locked in at this show. The last show of the year and the last chance to go into Wrestlemania as champion. Think of how much build and how much importance would be put on the main event for Wrestlemania? How much interest would be on the rumble if we already knew whom the winner would face? So much of the lackluster TV could be eliminated if the December ppv was treated as big as this would be and with the disappointing Network numbers, the more hype the better.


There it is, my fun with ppv, agree? Disagree? It’s all in good fun to think about what could be. With WWE’s ever “Evolving” creative direction who knows what the future will hold but until then, enjoy!

Thanks for joining me.

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