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Funny story from Chris Jericho’s book on Vince McMahon and Mickey Rourke

Dave Meltzer talked about Chris Jericho’s book in this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter and pointed out a funny story involving Vince McMahon, Mickey Rourke, Frank Shamrock, and Chris Jericho. He noted that he opened the book up to page 120 and read about the angle from WrestleMania 25 when they brought in Mickey Rourke for the show. Rourke hired Frank Shamrock as bodyguard to go to the show with him in Houston.

Jericho talked about having to tell Rourke that he was just building up a confrontation when he was on Larry King Live to hype the show. Rourke thought Jericho was shooting with his insults towards Rourke so Rourke brought Shamrock and former UFC fighter/former member of the Israeli special forces Moti Horenstein with him to Mania. There were no problems between Jericho and Rourke at the show.

Before Jericho went out for his match he told Vince McMahon about Rourke hiring two bodyguards to kick his ass if he was ddouble crossed in the ring. Vince laughed and said “Are you kidding me? Those guys?” Then Vince said “You, me, Finlay, and Malenko would’ve beat the shot out of them. I mean, look at that one guy, he’s a midget.” The midget Vince was referring to was Shamrock. Jericho then smiled and told Vince, “Well, if anything goes down, I’ll take Rourke and you take the midget.” After that Vince said, “Damn right I will.” Vince then swaggered away.

The book is available now in bookstores and on

Here’s the Larry King Live segment with Chris Jericho and Mickey Rourke.

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