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Gabe Sapolsky released by WWE

Kayfabe Commentaries

Kayfabe Commentaries

Gabe Sapolsky has unfortunately joined the list of WWE Performance Center staff members who have been let go by WWE.

Sapolsky first noted on Twitter that has reached the “end of the road” in WWE with a quote by Neil Peart that reads, “I don’t regret the ride that has to be over, but rather feel grateful for the miles travelled, for the sights along the way, and to be exactly where I am.”

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful confirmed that Sapolsky is gone from the company. As previously reported, the latest WWE releases are people that were hired by Triple H. Sapolsky is also one of them as Triple H formed a working relationship with Sapolsky when he was running EVOLVE shows. EVOLVE later served as a place for NXT stars to work and WWE would also sign talent from the promotion.

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Sapolsky started in the wrestling business when he worked for Paul Heyman in ECW where he published their programming and later became Heyman's assistant. He was the first booker for Ring of Honor and founded EVOLVE. WWE purchased EVOLVE before Gabe went to work for WWE as a consultant for the NXT brand.