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Gabe Sapolsky reportedly “done with this whole indie bullsI**t” after leaked email, says it almost cost him WWE job

UPDATE: Click here for Sapolsky’s statement.

ORIGINAL: Gabe Sapolsky is not happy about his recent email to Evolve talent being leaked and he says that he is done with independent wrestling, according to a late-night phone call with Everything Evolves podcast owner Aaron Bentley. Bentley posted details of the call on the Voices of Wrestling website.

For those of you that missed it, Sapolsky’s email to Evolve talent on Thursday popped up on on Sunday and basically gave tips to wrestlers on what to do and what to avoid if they wanted to get signed by WWE. Sapolsky reportedly said that it “killed something” inside him when he learned that the email was leaked and that the leak almost cost him a job with WWE. The email leak led to a response from William Regal (click here to read it) on Sunday.

“I’m pretty much done with this whole indie bullshit,” Sapolsky told Bentley. He added, “This almost cost me my NXT job that I’ve worked 23 years for.” Bentley refused to name the person that leaked the email and Sapolsky reportedly threatened to fire an Evolve talent at random if the leaker was not revealed. Sapolsky later said that he was “just about done” with independent wrestling and that the Everything Evolves podcast is “destroying the company you’re doing a podcast about.”

It’s clear that Sapolsky was not happy and now you have to wonder what the future holds for Evolve. Late last week, it was reported that FloSports filed a lawsuit against WWN (Evolve’s parent company) for allegedly misleading them about subscriber numbers and now we have Sapolsky talking about being done with “indie bullshit.”

Evolve’s website lists upcoming events for Queens, NY (10/14), East Haven, CT (10/15), and Melrose, MA (12/10).

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