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Gable Steveson to be used as a regular star on WWE Raw soon



After winning his second straight NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship, Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson is slated to start full-time pro wrestling training at the WWE Performance Center in May.

Dave Meltzer noted on Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio that Steveson will be used as a regular star on the Raw roster soon so the company will be fast-tracking him as he’s a big star.

"I'm pretty sure that some clips of the [NCAA] tournament will be on Raw tomorrow night because he's going to be on the Raw brand as a regular very, very soon -- and with a push.”

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Meltzer also said Steveson will be at WrestleMania 38 next month. Steveson later tweeted and deleted that he would be at the show.

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Steveson was the first-ever athlete to sign a NIL deal with WWE back in September after having a meeting with Vince McMahon in August. Steveson was officially drafted to the Raw brand last October. His brother, Bobby Steveson, currently wrestles under the name Damon Kemp in NXT.