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Gail Kim rips “racist” WWE management for bringing back Hulk Hogan

Gail Kim doesn’t pull any punches when she describes certain people in WWE management and she had more to say after the Crown Jewel show.

Kim responded to a thread on Twitter that pointed out that WWE never forgave Chyna because of her past in adult movies but they forgave Hulk Hogan after his racist comments that leaked a couple of years ago. A fan chimed in to say that WWE never really cared about what Hogan did. Kim responded, “Plus they’re racist anyway. They don’t care if anyone is racist Bc they have the same thoughts.”

Here is another tweet where Kim responds to a fan noting that WWE has hired wrestlers like The New Day, Titus O’Neil, and others:

The following tweet is to a fan who tried to shut down Kim’s claim about McMahon being racist:

This isn’t the first time she has ripped on the company. In 2015, Kim responded to comments made by Jim Ross about a conversation he had with Vince McMahon in the early 2000’s. JR recalled Vince McMahon’s hesitation to hire Kim because she is Asian. When Ross suggested to McMahon that he should hire Kim, JR recalled McMahon saying “I don’t know, I don’t know” and JR told McMahon that a lot of men are interested in Asian women and there are a lot of adult internet sites dedicated to Asian women.

Ross later apologized to Kim about the porn reference. Kim said she had no issues with JR. Her issue has always been with McMahon. This is what she said in 2015 about him:

On numerous occasions, Kim has been complimentary towards Triple H. Last year she did an interview where she talked about how Triple H was always supportive of the women. Here is what she said in a 2015 tweet about Triple H:

Needless to say that Kim is not going to be getting a call from WWE about returning there but she has said many times that she is happy and is not looking for a job there.

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