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Gail Kim shuts down a troll who criticized her for not wanting to be at WWE Evolution PPV

If you are on social media, it’s not a good idea to tell someone how they should feel or who they should or shouldn’t work for. Gail Kim has been dealing with a few trolls that think she should appear at the WWE Evolution pay-per-view just because they say so.

Kim fired back: “Whoever you are, please don’t tell me what I should be feeling or thinking. Only I’ve lived my life and walked in my shoes. So please get lost. You don’t know jack.”

Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm chimed in: “Got to love the idiocy of a Dude telling Gail she doesn’t understand women’s wrestling. ??
Maybe I’ll start telling HOF NBA players how to play basketball.”

That was followed up by a tweet from former Impact Wrestling star Velvet Sky: “Dontcha just love these hacks? Ya just gotta laugh at them because they want to be a part of something so bad at the expense of knowing jack shit! ????????”

It’s sad that there are people out there that feel the need to tell someone how they should feel or what company they should work with. Kim has her reasons. One of them is that she is happy working behind-the-scenes at Impact Wrestling. She also doesn’t have great things to say about certain people in WWE management. During a 2017 interview, former WWE writer Kevin Eck told Kim that Vince McMahon expressed his thoughts that “no one wants to see the girls fight like the guys.”

Kim said she heard similar things but praised Triple H: “I honestly feel like [Triple H] has done so much for the girls, because he started that whole thing in NXT with the Four Horsewomen. When I left WWE, he was one of the people who was so positive. He told me, ‘You’re talented and don’t let anyone else tell you any different.’ I was very flattered and glad that he respected women’s wrestling.”

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