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Gangrel on quitting WCW, Vince McMahon, how Big Boss Man almost killed him, more

Thanks to Christy Olsen for sending us the following:

“The Vampire Warrior,” Gangrel is our guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360 show this week. Here are the highlights:

On the long-term health effects of pro wrestling: I got this hotspot on my brain. They’re not sure if it’s from ecstasy, that superglue, or chair shots, or all of the above. I remember they called me in when I broke my neck. They took longer to clear me for my head injury. They were like, it’s a blessing you came in here with a neck [injury], you were going to be a vegetable soon. They go, you got a dark spot on your brain. I’m like, I do? They go, yeah. Are you OK? I go, I’m fine. I’m here because my neck hurts, not my head. But it was a blessing that they caught that.

His response when approached for the class action lawsuit filed against WWE by former wrestlers: I didn’t jump on it. Somebody reached out to me a long time ago. But if I wanted to sue them I would’ve done it a long time ago when I got burned in the elevator, or when they hung me on TV and I died, basically.

How he nearly died in front of a live crowd when being “hung” by The Boss Man: Remember when The Boss Man was going to bring The Brood into The Ministry? He threw me over the rope with the thing. Richie told him, don’t use that rope. Don’t use it. It was a brand new rope and they wanted to do it anyways. They wanted to do that angle. So they threw me over and then…I bounced off the apron but the rope cinched up. I remember sitting there on TV and everything was just going away. I made my peace with God…I couldn’t get [the rope off]. It was locked tight. Dennis looked over. There are pictures out there. Boogers were out of my nose, belly was pushed out. I said goodbye to the world. I made peace with God. I was going out, and then all of a sudden everything came right back just as fast as it was going away. It was Dennis going, Davey, Davey! You OK?! You OK?! Luna, she flipped out, and they actually fired Luna over getting upset in gorilla.

Why he never officially worked for WCW: I signed a contract and everything. Then I had to ask. You should never ask why. Just take the contract, leave and be happy about it, right?…So I asked them, can I ask you why did I have to come here? He goes, because you’re fat. I go, what? He goes, well you lost some weight, but you’re still fat. We had to get your ducks in a row. I went home, packed my bag and became part of the I-75 chain heading south. I ******* quit. I left. That’s why I had so much heat there. They wouldn’t bring me into WCW.

On attacking Marc Mero after he called Luna a ****: I put my stuff down and I said, look, you guys got your problems. You got your beef or whatever it is. I don’t get into your stuff. I don’t care what you do. Just don’t disrespect my wife while I’m sitting here eating. You came in here and sat down next to me because you knew there were going to be problems…He said something else and then I got hot. I just got hot. I finally had it, because I had to listen to Luna all the time about it. I was like, **** you. I’ll kick your ass now. He goes, no, you won’t. I flipped the table over. I said, get up. He wouldn’t get up. I was getting ready to just, the hell with it, I was going to hit him. [Another wrestler] hooked me. He drug me out.

Vince McMahon’s reaction to the skirmish: Vince was right there. He was sitting with Papa [Shango]. They were watching the whole thing. They were sitting there and I’m like, aw **** I’m fired. Whatever. I didn’t even care. I was surprised I lasted that long with the **** I pulled. I was always on the radar. So they said, Vince wants to see you in the office. Luna’s already been in there. Sable and Marc have been sitting in there. The only spot left is where Vince would sit. I walked in, put my feet up on the desk. I was ready to go. I didn’t care. Vince walked in and I started laughing. He just gave me that look. What do you find so funny, Dave? I said, they got me. He goes, what do you mean, they got you? I go, they pulled me into their ********. I fought it for so long and I bit. They ******* got me. He goes, yeah they did, and if you hit him you’re fired. Get the**** out of here.

Why he spit blood on President-elect Donald Trump and Melania at Madison Square Garden: When I’m climbing up on the steps I can hear [the crowd] more than usual and I was like, whoa, wow. So I chug, chug, chug the blood. I take every drop in that cup. I can hear the crowd popping, because I guess Trump was there but the people were touching him and he didn’t like to be touched, so he pushed up closer to the guard rail. They were trying to smarten him up. So I go out there and I hear the people go, whoa! So I spray that blood and I’m like, **** I’m over in the garden man! But it’s because Trump is there, right? So I go in there and I get killed by Kane. I mean literally a one-minute match, choke slam, easy money. He’s so safe. Easy night with him. I’d work him every night if I could. We get out and everybody’s high fiving me, oh you spit on Trump! I go, who? Donald Trump. I said, that was Donald Trump?! And then Stephanie [McMahon] goes, my dad’s upset with you. I’m like, what?! She goes, yeah he wants to meet with you at TV tomorrow. I’m like, aw ****. Whatever, I could talk to her. She was cool. The next day comes around and I’m nervous all day like aw I’m in trouble. I didn’t know it was Trump. You put me out there. You know I’m just a machine. So the whole day goes by. She goes, he can’t meet with you. He’s gotta do it tomorrow. So when tomorrow comes finally, she’s like, he’s waiting on you. I go in there and he goes, that was great, wasn’t it? [Vince] set it up! He put him in those seats and added us to the show knowing I was going to spray on him. He double ribbed us! He ribbed him and he ribbed me!

Why The Brood was assembled: My role was clear to me. They didn’t give a **** about Christian. It was Edge. They told me they were strapping a rocket to his ass. My job was to blend him in. They didn’t know what to do with him. Basically I was there because I knew everyone from wrestling. You know, broke through in ’88 or whatever. So I knew all the older guys. I got along with them. So my [job] clearly was to just blend him in, help him to get along. It was clear to me, that was it. That was the whole thing. So no. I was never envious of anything. I think Christian can put a great match together, better than anybody. He’ll look after himself, though.

Gangrel continues on, telling the story of a backstage scuffle between himself and Christian. For all that plus the details on why Savio Vega tried knocking Gangrel out night after night, and the unique lessons he learned from Michael Hayes, check out the full X-Pac 1,2,360 interview video, on AfterBuzz TV:–02K5lC4, or download the podcast version on iTunes:–02K5lC4.

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