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Gangrel says the popularity of The Brood led to the breakup of The Ministry of Darkness



On this week's "Battleground" Podcast, Gangrel joined the episode to talk about The Brood only lasting eight months, as well as working with Undertaker and The Ministry.

Gangrel talking about The Brood only lasting eight months in WWE:

“It didn’t last very long. It was no more than eight months," he said. "It was a short run."

"People talk about it like it lasted forever, but it was very special. It was the right place at the right time. They had plans for Edge. That was one of the reasons The Brood got so popular so fast."

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"They had told me when we were coming in that Edge is our future guy. We’re going to strap a rocket to his rear end and he’s going to the top and to look out for him. The more The Brood got popular, the sooner they had to get him out of there. He had to get on his own.”

Gangrel talking about The Brood working with The Undertaker and The Ministry:

“Now when I sit back, I think it was cool because it gave me a different level of clout that you're in The Ministry."

"Undertaker was a legit top dog. Me, at the time, and Adam (Edge) will tell you, that I said, ‘This isn’t good. The Brood thing is going too good. They put us in The Ministry to slow us down. We have to be careful here.’"

"One night on the stage, the boos turned to Brood and they started chanting, ‘Brood, Brood, Brood’ while we were standing out there with The Ministry, and I said to him, ‘I think we’re out of The Ministry.’ It wasn’t even a week later when they said they were going to split up The Ministry. When that happened, I told him ‘The Brood is done’."

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