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Gerald Brisco on Gable Steveson: “This guy can be a star. Yes, I think he’s championship material.”

During the latest “Monday Mailbag” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco talked about WWE’s newest signee Gable Steveson. Brisco was asked if Steveson will be able to reach the heights of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar:

“Let’s just say this. He’s going to have the opportunity because they’re not paying peanuts for this guy. He’s got the talent. He’s got the tools. He’ll have an opportunity to surpass them in today’s market and all the opportunities out there. This guy can be a star. Yes, I think he’s championship material. I tell these kids, ‘I don’t like to recruit anybody that, in my mind, can’t headline WrestleMania.’

He’s got all the attributes and all the skills. I think where he’s far ahead of both of these guys at this time right here, he’s got a better personality. He’s out there. He’s a young kid. He likes to have fun. He’s a serious guy when it comes to training. Brock never said a word unless he’s spoken to. Brock’s very intelligent, and obviously very talented or he wouldn’t have made as much money as he’s had in all these sports that he’s been champion in. Kurt’s great.  Kurt had the personality and Kurt had that openness, but we had to work a lot to get him to relax and bring that personality out because when that camera came on, Kurt wanted to be serious because he was an Olympic champion and wanted to be serious. He should have been, but there’s a time, especially in our business, it’s called entertainment, you have to come out of your shell and be yourself and be somebody.

Gable Steveson already has that over these guys. Gable is a funny kid. He’s always smiling. He’s always got a smile on his face where it looks like he’s up to something. I think he’ll be as big a star as the company will let him.”

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