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Gerald Brisco says Eddie Guerrero approved of controversial John Bradshaw Layfield promos ahead of time



During this week's episode of "Monday Mailbag" Gerald Brisco shared his thoughts on the "John Bradshaw Layfield" character and whether or not Eddie Guerrero approved of the angles with the character he was involved with.

Brisco talking about the JBL character:

"JBL shared this with me one time," Brisco began. "He said when he and Vince talked about the character, this was the character that Vince would have been if he hadn't been Mr. McMahon."

"I think that's one of the reasons why the character was so good because he was able to go to the man himself, and together they refined that character JBL."

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Brisco said Eddie Guerrero approved all the angles he had with JBL:

"JBL got a lot of heat and criticism for that, but nobody I think had more respect for the Mexican race than John," Brisco shared.

"People got to understand where JBL came from. He comes from a rural Texas area. He grew up on a farm where a lot of the farm labor were Hispanics. That was because they were right on the border basically, and so he grew up with Hispanics his entire life. He knew them, knew how they lived, and had much respect for them."

"I think that's a reason Eddie allowed him to go that far as he went because he knew John knew his people and knew how his people were and everything. Those skits nowadays are controversial, but Eddie approved every one of them. It was never meant to be offensive or anything like that. It was a storyline, and JBL did such a good job telling the story that they started believing he was like that character. So that's just more props to JBL."

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