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Global Wrestling Federation and Mid South Wrestling are coming to the WWE Network

Mid-South Wrestling shows are coming to the WWE Network in February. They will be doing a Black History Month theme on the network. The first show will feature Junkyard Dog facing off with King Kong Bundy from October 15, 1983.

They will also be showing a match featuring Harlem Heat (known at the time as The Ebony Experience) in a Bunkhouse Battle Royal from a July 7, 1992 episode of Global Wrestling Federation.

WWE sent out a survey last week to some of their customers to find out why people are or aren’t watching the WWE Network. They wanted to know how many hours fans are watching per week, the reason why they are keeping or not keeping the network when the renewal period ends, and they asked what fans would like to see on the network. For fans out there that are frustrated with things on the network, the survey covered a ton of things so they are listening to fans.

For those that have asked, there is still no update yet on the WWE App being compatible for the Google Chromecast. Hopefully that is on their list of things to add because it would make the network easier to watch on their TV for many people.

Hopefully now that they’ve reached the 1 million subscriber mark this can lead to more original programming as well since they should, in theory, have more money in their budget for programming. Personally i’d like to see more older footage and a dedicated schedule with things to look forward to. Telling people that they can watch the Royal Rumble from 2014 immediately after Raw goes off the air is silly since the show is available 24 hours a day in the on demand section. If anything, the company may want to consider airing shows first and then adding it to the on demand section days later or a week or so later so the live stream becomes something fans care about. For example, they could air WCW Saturday Night every week in the old 6:05pm timeslot and the shows can be added to the on demand library a week or two later so it makes the 6:05 timeslot more “must see.”

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