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Goldberg comments on Hulk Hogan and whether WWE should give him another chance

There is not much to report on Hulk Hogan’s status with WWE. Mark Henry has said that Hogan would be welcomed back if he gave a sincere apology to the African-American wrestlers in the locker room. WWE Hall Of Famers such as Hillbilly Jim and Jimmy Hart have publicly said that Hogan deserves another shot.

Goldberg, during an interview with CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast, also believes that Hogan deserves a second chance.

He said, “I think everybody deserves a second chance. I think you put [Hogan] in the locker room and give him the floor and let him speak his mind. That’s what he deserves. Who knows what happens from there but it’s not for me to say by any means. I can just give you my opinion and say that he deserves the floor and who knows where it goes from there.”

At this point, it all depends on how WWE feels their sponsors will react. If one of their sponsors objects to bringing back Hogan, then he won’t be back. It could also depend on their TV deal. WWE could be waiting on signing their new deal before they reconsidering doing business with Hogan again.

You can listen to the entire interview with Goldberg by clicking on the player below:

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