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Goldberg comments on WWE Hall Of Fame induction

The news is official and Goldberg is going into the WWE Hall Of Fame. There haven’t been many people to captivate the entire pro wrestling world like Goldberg and his time alone in WCW might warrant a spot in the HOF. But since his run with WWE included two stints so far apart from each other with Championship gold each time he seemed to be a shoo-in.

With this official announcement, you can also look a lot closer at the list of expected WWE Hall Of Fame inductees this year which Brad Shepard released. If you’d like to know some of the other names to expect this year, you can click here.

But when Goldberg found out apparently he was just getting over the flu. It’s never a good thing to be sick, but it’s always a good thing to check your notifications to find out you’re going to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Goldberg said this was a great way to start the week, and he’s certainly on the money about that one.

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