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Goldust and R-Truth on their WWE careers, Dusty Rhodes, Enzo Amore, more



Goldust and R-Truth appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE.

On how they became a tag team: R-Truth said that it’s a love connection between them and it’s great. Goldust said that when they are doing a promo together, he goes off script and plays off what R-Truth was saying. Goldust said a lot of guys are not able to do that and they say exactly what is written for them. Goldust added that they create gold with their segments.

R-Truth on his early WWE career and rapping: He explained that he was rapping about a lot of things. R-Truth said longevity had been his best friend and that he can adapt to the fans.

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Goldust on working with Roddy Piper at WrestleMania 12 in 1996: He said that it was an incredible experience and they shot the match two weeks before the event. Goldust added that it was a one-shot segment. Goldust said that Piper beat the crap out of him during the segment. He said that he got a concussion when he was thrown into a dumpster during the segment and Piper broke his hand when he threw a punch.

Goldust on Dusty Rhodes: He said it was tough to be his son because the business was protected back then and a lot of things about his father’s career was hidden from him. Goldust said that he always wanted to wrestle, but Dusty didn’t want him to. Later, Dusty changed his mind and taught him the business. Goldust explained that his first match was not as a wrestler but as a referee in a tag team match in Amarillo, Texas. Goldust explained that he ripped his pants during the match and it was embarrassed by that moment.

R-Truth on Dusty: He said that Rhodes was one of his favorite wrestlers growing up as he could wrestle and cut a great promo. R-Truth added that he picked Dusty’s brain and asked as many questions as possible when he was around him.

On the next big Superstar: Goldust said that Enzo Amore is very good with his promos and thinks that he has potential. Goldust said that a lot of guys haven’t had the opportunity presented to them by the company but when they get their chance, the fans will see the upcoming talents in the company. R-Truth agreed with Goldust and said that sometimes it takes you going off script and saying the right thing to get over with the fans.

Goldust and R-Truth thanked ESPN for having him on the show, and this wrapped up the segment.