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Goldust attempts to shoot down reports about his WWE release

Dustin Rhodes (aka the former Dustin Rhodes) took to Twitter to shoot down Pro Wrestling Sheet’s report about his WWE release.

Rhodes wrote, “I am still under contract with the @wwe, and everything that is being said online is just talk, and complete bullsh*t. This is exactly why I hate smart marks!”

His statement does not contradict what Ryan Satin reported earlier. The report stated that he is currently under a 90-day non-compete, which is standard when a wrestler is released before their contract expires. So, he is still under contract until those 90 days are up.

The only question is whether his contract expired or if he received an early release. If his contract expired then he would be free to sign anywhere today. Typically, when a WWE contract expires, there is no non-compete. Since he is under a 90-day non-compete then that would suggest he was released before his contract expired.

Of course, if Rhodes is going to make a surprise appearance at AEW Double Or Nothing then he is not going to spoil anything before the show, especially while he is still under a WWE contract.

As noted earlier, there have been teases on Cody’s YouTube channel about Rhodes either confronting his brother or having a match with him at Double Or Nothing on May 25th in Las Vegas. Goldust changed his Twitter name do @DustinRhodes around February 20. If that is the date when the 90-day non-compete began, then it means he would be free to sign with AEW a few days before Doube Or Nothing.

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