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Goldust comments on Jinder Mahal winning WWE Championship, teaming with R-Truth, more

Goldust recently spoke with Fox Sports to talk about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about his run with R-Truth as a tag team. The two Superstars were paired as a tag team in early 2016 and were a comedy act on WWE television. However, their run together ended earlier this month when Goldust turned heel and attacked R-Truth following their match with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on RAW.

“You know, we had a lot of fun early on doing the backstage thing. It was funny, it was entertaining… and then somewhere along the way, R-Truth was trying to oversee everything instead of letting things organically fit together for us as a team. He stopped communicating with me about the way things were done. He saw it one way, he wanted to do it his way. And his way… to me, when you’ve been in the business for as long as I have, wasn’t the right way. I’ve done that, I know exactly what to do. In a sense, he was holding me back.”

The biggest news to come out of the Backlash pay-per-view event was that Jinder Mahal, who had been a mid-card level talent, defeated Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion. The championship change has received a ton of reaction from fans and wrestlers on social media. When asked about Mahal winning the championship, Goldust recalled watching the show on the WWE Network and thought that the crowd in Chicago was electric. He also believes that Chicago is the best wrestling crowd on the planet due to them being loud and tearing down a talent if the talent allows them to do so.

“And to see Jinder… you know, I didn’t know. Nobody knew. The way they did it, I’m very happy for Jinder, because he left and he came back and he busted his ass and he trained hard and he has probably the best physique here in WWE. He looks great, has a great attitude, and is a genuinely good human being, and I couldn’t be happier for him. Congratulations to Jinder Mahal. Anything can happen. You never say never in our company, and that proved the point last night. It was just a month ago or two months ago that he was in eight-man tags with us. He was in that comedy-style eight-man tag match that we’ve had for the last year, and now he’s world champion. That goes to say something. He’s worked his ass off and had the attitude that every performer needs to have when they try to get into this company… He is proof of something good happening. You know, the brass ring that everybody talks about, which everybody makes fun of, it was there [Sunday] night for Jinder Mahal, and he grabbed it.”

Goldust also spoke about evolving his character, fans, and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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