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Goldust has a message for WWE fans that complain about the product



Dustin Rhodes has a message for you if you are one of those fans that complain about the WWE product.

As expected, there were many people that did not take to kindly to Rhodes' message. One person responded: "Enjoy the product? When WWE stops treating the fans like idiots and/or act like the fan's opinions matter, maybe we could." Another person wrote: "The problem isn't the talent. It's the booking. Same goes for so many guys and girls atm. I would love to care for Emma. But why should I?" Another fan wrote: "I see your point, but forcing something on someone does not "MAKE" them like it. Think customer relations, not food to a child."

I think you get the point. The fact is that viewership numbers are down from where they were years ago. Some people will blame YouTube or Netflix but the fact is that NFL viewership is up and there are other shows on television drawing record viewership numbers so that tells me that if you put on a product that people want to watch then they will tune in. I think fans know that they are not going to always get what they want but there is a staleness with the product and the aftereffects are being seen at the live events. On Tuesday we posted photos of blocked off sections at Smackdown Live (click here if you want to see the photos). The attendance issues have been a concern within WWE and that's why they are doing the reunion angle at the WWE TLC PPV.

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Rhodes means well and I can understand the frustration of being a WWE employee and being hit with constant negative feedback so I also get where he is coming from. The person that needs to implement changes is Vince McMahon and not Dustin Rhodes so cut the man some slack.

We want to end this post on a positive note. Check out Rhodes' post the Whipping Childhood Cancer challenge. If you would like to help out, listen to what he has to say in the video below:

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