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Goldust not finished with Bray Wyatt, Tony Schiavone enjoys The Miz

Bray Wyatt has been on a mission to play mind games with Finn Balor for a while now. Bray beat Finn without makeup, then Balor beat Wyatt as The Demon, and now Bray wants another shot at the version of Finn he was able to beat.

In the process of seeking revenge against Balor, Bray Wyatt has been taking it to Goldust because he wears face paint. Bray Wyatt apparently hates face paint now.  He assaulted Goldy a few weeks ago and rubbed all of his paint off after their match. Then this week on Raw, Goldust dominated a rematch against Wyatt as “Dustin Rhodes” because he wasn’t wearing any face paint that time.

Even though Dustin was able to really take it to Bray all it took was one Sister Abigail and that was all she wrote for The Bizarre One.

But Goldust isn’t done with Bray Wyatt as he said they will meet again. Bray Wyatt said he’s looking forward to it as well.

The Miz had another amazing night on the microphone during Raw this week. Then again, even when The Miz has a bad night on the mic he’s still better than 90% of the roster.

He had a great line about Jason Jordan which should have been a very heel thing to say. However, the San Jose crowd popped when they really shouldn’t have. It only goes to show that the WWE audience is changing and The Miz is staying his same awesome self.

Tony Schiavone seemed to really enjoy The Miz’s retort about JJ’s daddy as well and felt the need to respond via several emojis.

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