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Goldust says “smark” fan opinions on Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair storyline “ain’t worth a thin dime”

The fan reaction for Becky Lynch at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view was mostly positive, a reaction that WWE does not want because they are still trying to get fans to get behind Charlotte Flair. Dave Meltzer reported on Monday’s Wrestling Observer Radio that there were subtle things done in the match to nudge fans towards booing Lynch. That was also why they had Lynch snub Flair’s attempt to shake her hand. They also confiscated anti-Flair signs including a “Boo The Woo” sign.

This must be frustrating for people in creative because it’s clear that there are bigger plans for Flair as a babyface but she seems to be on the same path as Roman Reigns and the crowd reactions could get worse as the storyline progresses.

Veteran WWE Superstar Goldust does not want to hear the opinion of “smarks” in regards to the Lynch/Flair storyline. A fan on Twitter chimed in with his creative suggestion on how to book the feud: “A much better story would of been Becky defeating a heel Charlotte after she returned at SummerSlam & turned heel on Becky & took her spotlight.”

Goldust responded: “Thanks for your 2 cents, but unfortunately for you, it ain’t worth a thin dime.”

It was a respectful tweet so I’m not sure what prompted that reaction but Goldust followed up with this tweet when another fan mentioned creative bashing fans on Twitter: “Not fans, smarks. I don’t bash fans.”

It will be interesting to see how things play out on Smackdown Live as the Lynch/Flair storyline continues. They are scheduled to wrestle again at the Super Show-Down event in Melbourne, Australia.

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