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Goldust warns Sasha Banks and Bayley to get their act together



Sasha Banks and Bayley are no longer friends on television. Bayley jumped Banks this week and then beat her around the ring before saying "you ain't sh-t" to her former bestie as she laid on the outside of the ring selling the assault

Goldust has seen a thing or two in the pro wrestling business in his time and he might see something going on there.

Goldy replied to a fan when they said, "people take storyline seriously like with the Sasha and Bayley." This prompted the veteran performer to comment on The Boss and The Hugger as he advised them to "get their act together."

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This could have been part of the storyline, but Goldust didn't sound like he was joking. If anything, he said that he's been there and knows what that kind of budding anger can cause a person. Perhaps Goldust knows more than he's letting on but if you take a look at his shoo-in WWE Hall Of Fame career it's easy to find several instances in his career where he trusted a friend too much and it ended up biting him in the end.

Bayley is now a heel and WWE needs to do a better job making sure people realize this on television, but in the meantime, it looks like we'll just have to wait and see where this story leads for everyone involved.