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Good news on Bobby Heenan, Diamond Dallas Page post-surgery update

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reports that Bobby Heenan is scheduled to do autograph signings this spring. He’s had different injuries over the years so the news that he is getting back out to do appearances is good news. By the way, WWE aired their “Best of Hall of Fame” show on the WWE Network on the live stream today. I’ve watched Heenan’s speech at least 10 times since it first aired and it never gets old.

Diamond Dallas Page is opening a facility for DDP Yoga in Atlanta. Stevie Richards (Mike Manna) will be on of the head instructors. I believe he is now a certified instructor. DDP has talked about having live training sessions that would be available to fans online and they want to produce shows centered around healthy eating. There is a DDP Yoga Now app that will be available soon.

DDP was at the center in Atlanta today and is said to be doing well after his recent surgery. When he was hospitalized because of vocal cord swelling and scarring subglottic tracheitis, there was a point where he could not breathe and his life was very much at risk. He said that the 16 years of training using his abs and obliques to breathe helped him get some air into his lungs and that is what saved his life. He is on vaporized steroid treatments and wears a mask that blows mist into his mouth to help loosen the mucus that has built up.

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