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Growing concern within WWE over John Cena's availability going forward



It's no secret to wrestling fans that John Cena will likely never be a full-time performer in WWE again because he is transitioning into a mainstream Hollywood star. Cena, who is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live this week, is everywhere and there is said to be growing concern about his future.

On Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer noted that the concern in the company is about Cena's schedule and there are questions about his availability next year.

As we noted before, Cena is wrapping up filming for the second season on FOX's "American Grit" reality show but he has more offers to do things outside of WWE. As noted earlier, Cena is scheduled to return later this month and my guess is that he will be at the Royal Rumble. He is listed for live events in January but he is scheduled to start filming another movie soon.

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