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Guess which WWE star is making $10 million per year (not Brock Lesnar)


Dave Meltzer took some time to answer a bunch of questions from fans/readers on twitter. You can see some of his responses below and you can follow him at @DaveMeltzerWON.

When asked if there's any chance of Kurt Angle appearing at the Royal Rumble:

That was an obvious answer since Angle will be on TNA's UK tour. I believe Angle will be done with TNA by February.

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On a possible Kevin Owens vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania:

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On Brock Lesnar and whether he's the highest paid wrestler in WWE:

Meltzer also noted that Brock is doing more dates for WWE because it's part of his new deal. The subject of Cena's pay came up in the Wrestling Observer forum. Meltzer said, "John is closing in on $10 million per year."

When you consider that Cena works on all live events when he's healthy, does tons of charity work, and makes appearances even on days when he probably should be off, I think he's earning every penny. Cena has been a top merchandise seller for about a decade.