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"Hangman" Adam Page responds to Glenn Jacobs tweet about Russia and Vladimir Putin's aggression



Former WWE star Glenn "Kane" Jacobs chimed in with his thoughts on the situation going on between Ukraine and Russia.

Jacobs tweeted, "If you on the Left and are shocked by Putin's aggression, wake up, Sunshine. Historically in the real world, might makes right. Weakness (which is really what the Left is all about) is not a virtue. It's a fatal character flaw. (And, no, the US should still not get involved)."

Jacobs followed up with another tweet, "I highly doubt Putin cares a whit about toxic masculinity, the Cancel Culture Mutawa, or any of the other things the radical Left stands for."

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Jacobs's tweets drew quite the reaction on Twitter and AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page chimed in by simply providing links to direct people to help the people of Ukraine.

The tweets are embedded below and help if you can.