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Happy Corbin discusses whether or not losing bothers him

On this week's "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," Happy Corbin discussed the success of Madcap Moss and whether or not it bothers him to lose matches as a heel.

Corbin talking about the success of Madcap Moss:

"You look at what Madcap did in his first little time up, and he was just on Raw Underground. I mean, no offense to him, but it just wasn't memorable,” Corbin said.

“Then when he came out as Madcap with the suspenders and this new life. It was memorable and it annoyed people to no end. It was amazing. We got to a position where our friendship came to an end, we came to blows, and I think he's evolved his character again and it's been really good for him.”

“I think having somebody that so many people hate, like me, work with him, it really gave him an opportunity to find success when he switched sides, when he's gone to this good guy role as the babyface. I think it gives him a leg up on other people that just come in and like, 'Hey, cheer for me' versus it was funny.”

“He was working a match with somebody else and the reactions were just kind of like, eh. It was like his second or third week as a babyface and they just weren't there. But I was part of that segment. When I came out, the whole energy of the whole arena had changed. They're like, 'Oh no. We hate this dude so we are going with Madcap.’ That, to me, was a big tribute to my efforts as a heel because I heard the reactions, I heard the energy, and felt the energy change to a different level. I'm going, 'This is cool.' Nobody can tell me I'm not good at my job when I can take someone who is evolving and on the rise and bring them up,” he continued.

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“I mean, if you saw the Hell in the Cell match, that crowd was unbelievable. I mean, they were calling me an a-hole repeatedly, chanting -a-hole. Every time he hit me with the chair, they were chanting 'One more time.' They were in it. I think outside of Cody and Seth, I think we had the best match on that show, and I'll say that all day long."

On if it bothers him to lose matches as a heel:

"I think that it doesn't bother me as long as I have credibility. I think if you're just a guy who goes out and loses and nobody cares, then it's something you have to fix. But I have credibility. Like, there's 90% of the audience that's watching go, 'I wouldn't want to fight him in real life. He would destroy me.' Then there's always 10% of idiots that think they could stand a chance.”

“But my job is to go out there and just kind of be that big bully. I mean, how many movies does the bad guy actually win in? Very rare. I think that's just the world we live in. People want to see guys overcome and achieve great things,” he shared.

“So I don't ever mind it when it's elevating someone or doing something to benefit our show. My number one priority is our show, Smackdown. As a whole, how does this whole entire show go? How do I fit into the show? How do I make this show better? How do I get more people to watch this show and watch what I do, and if it's to irritate people so they can watch Madcap Moss hit me with the chair and stomp on my head with a chair and almost kill me with steel stairs, and that gives them joy, I'm all for it. But I have to have the credibility behind it and I have that. I mean, I have WrestleMania wins, I have these amazing achievements that give me credibility."

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