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Happy Corbin thought Madcap Moss might have died during his injury scare



Happy Corbin appeared on this week's "After The Bell" with Corey Graves to discuss seeing Madcap Moss' injury happen, as well as his thoughts on Triple H.

Corbin was asked what went through his mind when he saw the top of Madcap Moss’ head hit the mat in the match against Drew McIntyre in Saudi Arabia:

"I was five feet from it, and when I watched his head literally go straight into the canvas, like first of all, I was in shock. For athletes, the worst thing you can see is someone else gets hurt. It scares us all," Corbin said.

"We would put our lives on the line, whether it be on a football field, or boxing, or wrestling. It doesn't matter. Your life is on the line. So that was terrifying because you don't ever want to see somebody get hurt.”

“But then I have like all these other things going because he's hit and like I'm like, 'Okay. Number one, he might be dead. Number two, he's probably going to have a broken neck or a bad concussion.' So in my brain I'm going 'Okay, how do I finish the match in his place?' I don't know how to finish it as I'm processing what can I do? Then I see him get closer. I pulled him out of the ring and checked on him because he's moving. I'm like, 'Are you good?' So we have to find time to let him regain where he's at, I guess, you know, because he's, in my mind, should be concussed. I don't know how, but that man has the strongest neck in the world because no concussion, nothing broken, and in my mind, he was going to get stretched out.

"When the camera cuts me and I fall to my knees, it's 100% legit because I'm going okay, he's going to get stretchered out. How do I save this?'”

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“Afterwards he didn't even realize it. I'm like, 'Dude, are you good? Like, this is crazy. He's like, 'Was it that bad?' and I was like, 'What do you mean? Go watch the replay'. He saw the replay and he's like, 'I feel nauseous', after he saw it."

Thoughts on Triple H:

"When you're around a guy that often, you know, when we were in NXT, we were seeing him every Wednesday. We were seeing him at the PC on regular days. He was coming in. He was training. He was grabbing on to a few people and helping them with things, and he just had a vision, especially when he was down there in NXT of how he saw guys and put the right people around them to be successful," Corbin shared.

“You know, if it was a guy who's a wrestling technician, get him with Norman Smiley. Get him in there with a guy like that who can teach them all of those things. Or if he sees a guy like me, I promise you Taker didn't just didn't go, 'I'm going to go talk to this random guy.’ I'm sure Triple H is going, ‘Hey Taker. This guy I think is in your wheelhouse. Go have a conversation with him. See if you grab on to him at all.'"

"That's one of the special things that Triple H has is he can surround you with the right people to help find success. He knows. He sees it. He has the vision, and he helps to allow you to accomplish that vision, and he has fun with it. I think he loves it."

Other topics covered on this week's episode include Corbin's upcoming WrestleMania match with Drew McIntyre, advice from The Undertaker and the proper way to grill a steak.

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