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Hardys vs. Jarretts feud continues to get uglier - Matt Hardy asks Anthem to "do the right thing"

Reby Hardy

Reby Hardy

Despite previous reports saying that WWE was in talks to get the rights to the "Broken" characters, it doesn't seem like things are going too well, at least not as it relates to The Hardys and Impact Wrestling management.

Here are some recent tweets from Reby and Matt Hardy and Karen Jarrett:

The tweet above is in reference to a report that made the rounds last week from an Impact Wrestling source claiming that the "Broken" Universe trademarks were filed in January 2017 and that there is a dispute between Anthem Entertainment and The Hardys. The Hardys maintain that they were the first to file for the trademark shortly after they left the company.

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The tweet shown above is in reference to the following tweet from Karen Jarrett:

Hours prior to Jarrett's tweet, Matt Hardy, in response to a fan asking Impact/Anthem management to come to an agreement with The Hardys, wrote, "They have a chance to. Hope they do the right thing. I adore most people there.. Hope a couple of bad apples don't spoil the bunch for them."

All of this comes on the heel of some tweets from Impact Wrestling's creative consultant Dutch Mantell. He doesn't reference them directly but the implication is there and there are some tweets that he has quoted that mention The Hardy's. You can read Mantell's tweets by clicking here.

For everyone's sake, I hope a deal can be reached. Allowing The Hardys to use the "Broken" gimmick benefits the fans. Impact Wrestling is putting on some good shows so it would be nice to hear about the positive aspects of the company instead of the negative stuff that gets out because there are a bunch of really good and hard working people that work there. A resolution to this mess would benefit Impact so that it can allow them to get out from under the shadow being cast by this story.