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Hart Family Member Reveals His WWE Battleground Predictions, Thoughts & Opinions

by Phil Johnson

Smith Hart, uncle of WWE diva Natalya Neidhart and member of the legendary Hart family dynasty, has published a new column at Hart shares his thoughts and expert predictions for tonight’s WWE event, Battleground. Hart talks about each match at tonight’s PPV and more. Here is an excerpt from his entry:

Personally I feel with the method to which Jericho returned to WWE 3 weeks ago, I feel that not facing The Miz at Battleground is such a waste to their respective returns. I would have much preferred to see Jericho vs. The Miz with more teasing to build towards a much more anticipated showdown between Wyatt & Jericho at SummerSlam. Despite the rush to booking this bout, this should be a good match with 2 thoroughbreds of the business. I predict that Jericho will likely pick up the victory at Battleground with a rematch with a stipulation being set for SummerSlam where Bray will yield a triumph.”
If WWE officials let these two go to even half of their potential and both men enter the ring healthy, this match will likely steal the show. The history and build to this match once again suggests this is just a precursor to a bigger match that will likely occur at SummerSlam, however I suggest this rivalry and the inimitable personalities of both men could carry this program on for many months to come. This initial head-to-head blast should set the pace for what is to come. I predict Sunday that Seth Rollins will get his hand raised, likely due to outside interference.”
I expect this main event to be filled with gimmicks, interference, pomp and circumstance. I also predict that 6 months down the road most will forget this match ever happened. This seems like nothing more than a filler main event to get from one event to the next. This is the kind of main event I would expect to see on your average episode of either RAW or Smackdown. I guess that’s what conditioning your audience to certain expectations gets you to. Despite the “stacked odds” against John, I think it is more than likely that SUPER-CENA overcomes all odds once again to stand free and clear this coming Monday for the rumored return of Brock Lesnar, clearing the path for both men to SummerSlam. It is likely and assumed that Reigns and Orton will brawl out of the match setting up a more personal feud between the two, thus I predict that Cena will overcome Kane once again for the finish.”
You can read Smith Hart’s column “The Hart Grapevine,” featuring the rest of Hart’s Battleground predictions, in its entirety at this link.


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