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Has CM Punk talked with Vince McMahon? Paul Heyman talks with Steve Austin. LISTEN HERE!

Paul Heyman sat down with Stone Cold Steve Austin last weekend and talked about a variety of different subjects. Paul talks about ECW, how close he came to competing with Howard Stern as a radio host, his love for the Raven character in ECW, New Jack, Brock Lesnar, and tons more.

The podcast was recorded before WrestleMania. Steve asked Paul what the chances were of Punk returning at WrestleMania and Paul said that unless Punk has his first conversation with Vince McMahon then it wouldn’t happen. So it doesn’t look like Punk has had any communication with Vince McMahon. Paul also revealed that the only people who were in the room when Punk quit were Punk, Triple H, and Vince McMahon. It’s a MUST-LISTEN. Listen below.

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