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Has The Undertaker wrestled his last match? Plus a Sting update

Here’s an update on The Undertaker from today’s Wrestling Observer radio. Undertaker was kept overnight at the hospital after WrestleMania. Despite what was reported here and at other places Undertaker was not backstage at Raw, reports Dave Meltzer. The Score in Canada reported that Taker was backstage but that apparently was not the case.

Meltzer also said that Taker did not remember most of the match. During the match he didn’t remember what they were doing so Lesnar had to lead him though the match. The reason the announcers talked like they may have seen the Undertaker’s last match is because it actually could have been his last match but no one knows for sure.

Now the question is what to do with Sting. Meltzer was told that Sting would not be appearing on WWE TV anytime soon.

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