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Headbanger Mosh reveals his issues he had working with a valet as Beaver Cleavage



Headbanger Mosh appeared on the "80's Wrestling Podcast" this week where he talked about his time in the WWE as Beaver Cleavage.

"The Beaver Cleavage thing was interesting because Glen (Headbanger Thrasher) was hurt. I was sitting home doing nothing, and I had never really wrestled singles. The only singles matches I ever had were a couple of squash matches on WWF TV, and I think three of them of them down at the Monster Factory before Glenn and I started tagging. So I was excited about that,” Mosh said.

“The part I didn't like about it was the girl that they put me with. Her and I just didn't click. This probably is one of the regrets I have from being in the business," he continued. "Back then, if they put a female with you, you were getting a push because that's what they were selling. They were selling the sex and they were getting the push.”

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“The good part was my head was buried in her boobs every single night. You can't complain about that. Again, the bad part was we just didn't click."

"Our personalities didn't click. I kind of tried coaching her when she first came into the locker room to stay to herself. Like, don't get known around the locker room for doing certain things, and I'll just leave it at that. She didn't listen, and you know, then everyone started talking about her. So that kind of changed my mind about her.”

“So my entire goal at that point, after they squashed the whole Beaver thing, was to do everything I could to get away from her. In hindsight, what I should have been doing was just embracing it, as again, not looking at it as a business, I should have looked at it as a business and embraced her.”

“Glen and I had always joked around about having a girl with us and she'd be the Banger Babe. With Glenn coming back, if I would have embraced her during that whole thing, with him coming back, we would have had a Banger Babe. Then we would be able to battle with Matt and Jeff because they had Lita. They had all these girls mixed in with all these mixed matches. We could have been part of that, but I was too focused on the fact that I just couldn't stand her and we didn't get along.”

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