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Health update on former NWA World Champion Harley Race



In regards to the reports going around about Harley Race, he is not on his death bed. We wanted to mention this again because we keep getting emails asking about it. Ric Flair noted on his podcast that Race was recently moved to a nursing home because it had become increasingly difficult to give him adequate care.

Race has been confined to a wheelchair in recent years and had a 9-inch rod inserted into his back. That caused him to not be able to feel his legs. He also had surgery a couple of years ago to remove a cyst from his spine. Back in 2014, he had to pull out of an appearance due to a hip injury suffered after taking a fall. This happened after he had hip replacement surgery.

Needless to say, the 8-time NWA World Champion is one of the toughest men in the history of the wrestling business so he is not letting the latest setbacks keep him down for long. Our best wishes to Harley Race.

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