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Heat between Lana and Sasha Banks over comments made by a former WWE Women's Champion



There is apparently legit heat between Lana and Sasha Banks and it all stemmed from tweets from former WWE Superstar Melina. Melina commented on the fan reaction to the Banks vs. Alica Fox match from last Monday's episode of Raw. Apparently, some fans feel that the loss to Fox meant that Banks was being buried.

Melina tweeted the following:

Lana liked the tweets referenced above and then wrote:

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That was followed up by this tweet from Banks and another one from Lana where she talks about blocking the hate and blocking people that tweet "lies or mean remarks:"

That was followed up with another tweet from Banks and Summer Rae with the hashtag #BL2017, which some fans are interpreting as "Block Lana 2017."

Since Lana and Banks are on opposite brands, I assume that there is legit heat here but I will admit, I don't get why anyone would get upset over Melina's comments. Maybe there is more going on between Lana and Banks than we know.

Check out the match from Monday below: