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Heath Miller talks Vince McMahon shooting his ideas down, surprises at Bound For Glory, how WWE and Impact Wrestling are different

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Heath Miller spoke to Tim Battle for's Battleground podcast to talk about Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory, airing this Saturday night on pay-per-view. Miller will compete in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match where the winner can choose any championship match of their choice. Miller will get a full-time contract if he or Rhino wins.

Battle asked Miller if there's something he would have done differently in WWE. Miller said, "it's just one of those things in that spot over there. You get these roles you gotta play and then you play them very well even if you don't want to play them. Trust me I did a lot of them. It was one of those things to where like you play and you play them well and you give your ideas to make it better. Vince sometimes will do it and when they'll do it and when it gets over and it's not their idea then they put you on ice. I don't know how many times in my career to where I'll get something that's horrible and no one wants to do but I'll stretch it for a mile. John Cena would tell me that all the time. He's like 'man you did some of the worst things but you stretch it so far to where people will remember it.' Like 3MB, we have a redneck an Indian and a Scotsman walking in a bar, like a joke. But we went 2 years with it so it's like one of things and people honestly still remember it because we're entertaining and we have fun trying to do it because we all were buddies. Even other gimmicks and stuff that I did, it's just one of those things where you can try and try and try and try but if they don't want you to keep going, it's gonna stop. It doesn't matter how good it is or how good you are or what it is. If they don't want it to keep going then it's to the next one. Impact, what I love is my ass gets to be myself. I get to go out there to do the things I would like to do. Yes, there's agents and you give your ideas but the agents are cool as hell...It's just one of those things that honestly, Impact is a breath of fresh air. Don't be surprised if you see more surprises because there might be some more people heading on over. Don't be surprised if you see surprises."

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Battle asked Miller what he is most excited about since coming to Impact. Miller said, "I can honestly say the communication there is amazing. Other places you would have to send an email and never hear back and if you go talk, you never get an answer. At Impact, it's like one of those places where you can go right up to the bossman and say 'hey, this is what I think, this is what I think we should do' and then he'll throw something and then you'll throw something and then next you thing you know, you come to a 50/50 solution here to where it works for both teams. The good thing about the locker room is that everyone tries to help one another. It's legit, like a fraternity, it's a team. They try to help, they don't try to one up. It's about the match, not about yourself. I've always been like that in wrestling. It's not about me, it's about the match, what are we trying to tell, what are we trying to get over. That's what it's always been about for me, tell a good story and we both will win. It's one of those things at Impact you can honestly see that the guys are all wanting to win and that's where I think Impact is going to strive more than some of these other places. All I hear is Impact stories are good, the wrestling is good, it's all good. So adding some more guys and adding some more seasoning into the mix, all that is gonna do is grow and taste good so it's one of those things..."

Miller promised to win this Saturday's Call Your Shot Gauntlet match and he has his eye on several titles.

Impact Wrestling presents Bound For Glory this Saturday night at 8 pm eastern on FITV and traditional pay-per-view. Follow Heath Miller on Twitter @HEATHXXII.

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