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Heath Slater comments on WWE release: "my fire was fading...putting everyone else over all the damn time"



Heath Slater addressed his WWE release in a video posted on his Instagram account. During the video, he confirmed that he will be free in July, which means that there is indeed a 90-day non-compete so at least the wrestlers that were released will be receiving a paycheck for the next 3 months.

"Man what a ride," Slater said. "I've literally been everywhere and I mean everywhere."

Slater joked that fans want to hear the "bullsh**" but he said WWE provided him and his family with income and he got experiences and opportunities and relationships that would not have happened if he never worked for them.

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"WWE fulfilled a dream for me that some saw not even a reality and I have nothing but gratitude." He continued, "I know that my WWE family, my wife and my kids and probably a lot of the WWE Universe see that my fire was fading and that's all me, putting everyone else over all the damn time. It can take a toll on a man."

He talked about the relationships he made throughout his 16 years in pro wrestling and he thanked the people in the locker room, the corporate staff and the fans for the outpouring of support.

Slater said he had no idea how much love there was out there for him until his release.

"I also want to say thank you because you gave me 14 years and now come July 17 I can spread my wings and fly again. I feel fire again that I didn't have for a while. I'm ready to get in shape, legit. I don't know, I feel hungry again and I haven't felt that in a long time. No bullshit, get ready for the encore because I'm gonna come back better than I ever was. That's a fact."

Check out the video below: