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Heath Slater: "I felt like WWE never really wanted me to get over as much as I could"



Heath Miller, aka former WWE star Heath Slater, was interviewed this week on David Penzer's "Sitting Ringside" podcast.

Heath talks about his start in the wrestling business, FCW and Nexus, his run in WWE, how he was told that he was being released, his move to Impact Wrestling, what the future holds for him in pro wrestling and much more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

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Heath talked about his friendship with Arn Anderson: “Arn Anderson has helped me since my developmental days in WWE into my career in WWE and it grew into a friendship. He still checks in on me to this day. We’ve gained respect for each other in wrestling and outside of wrestling. His wife and my wife are buddies and all that stuff. He has always been a stand up guy. He always told it the way it was. He would help me with stuff in the ring and then he would help me with finances outside the ring and help me put my money where it should be so it can grow.”

Heath talked about being held down whenever he was starting to get over: “I felt like they never really wanted me to get over as much as I could just because every time something good would happen with me and the people were with it, I would throw out some ideas. They would work and then they would switch it. Then they end the story and put me on ice and you would not see me for a year and a half. If you do, it’s me putting over this guy. Once that happens to you four or five times, you get frustrated. Then you start asking questions and they say you are asking too many questions and you're being a bother. What can I do? There is no communication between the lines. You are paying me. You have a guy that wants to work and wants to do things but you can’t get anywhere. It’s like tires spinning.”

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